Nov 20




Can one man change the way the entire world thinks?


Johnny Grant is a world famous movie star with a passionate social conscience and a gift of clairvoyance. Intensely discontent with man’s inhumanity to man, contemptuously critical of corruption in government, greed, selfishness, he’s convinced the human race is headed for self-destruction. Depressed by an insistent awareness of his impotence to affect the changes he feels would improve life for all of us, he hungers for power. Ultimate power.

Filming in Australia, he inexplicably vanishes without a trace. Instant news Worldwide. A turbulent, national manhunt ensues. Three days later he returns with an unbelievable explanation. Realizing the fantastic nature of his story, and lacking evidence, he refuses to be put in the position of convincing anyone. Is what he says true or not? Midst a media frenzy, his fame and influence explode in controversy.

Will it bring him the power he craves?

Alex Cord starred in more than 30 feature films and over 300 TV shows, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, WALKER TEXAS RANGER and AIRWOLF, He worked with such stars as Kirk Douglas, Ben Johnson, Bing Crosby, Ann-Margaret, Ernest Borgnine, Patty Duke, Richard Attenborough, and countless others. His last novel, A FEATHER IN THE RAIN, won the Glyph Award for Best Popular Fiction and is soon to be a motion picture. A lifelong serious horseman, he was a founding member of the Chukkers for Charity Polo Team which raised millions for children’s hospitals throughout the country. A favorite cause he has supported for twenty years is a therapeutic riding program for young people physically and emotionally challenged, called Ahead With Horses. “It’s a place where miracles occur every day.” He lives in north Texas on their horse ranch with his wife, Susannah, a brilliant horse trainer and writer.

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