Nov 20




This is Cliff Roberts!….. The most exciting  writer to hit the book business in many years. A string of book sized hits opened up the possibility of an all-round American writing career for Cliff, and he has conquered one branch of it after another. He is the KING of high voltage talent that carries all before it. 

“Conch Republic” takes us into the world of Nate Nevwas’. A crime fighting oaf with a loveable nature. Follow Nate as he fights crime, writes novels and takes a liking to the ladies. Follow Nate as he goes to war with the mob and discovers gold hidden under the seas of the Florida Keys… 

Just check out this surprised reviewers….

I was hesitant to review a book in this genre, Mystery/thriller. I’m more of a romance girl. But I’d promised to do the review so I waded in.

WOW! Was I surprised!

I was stunned by the fact that I was hooked from the very beginning. I had trouble setting it down. I found myself daydreaming about where the story would go next while I was at work. Cliff Roberts writes smart, funny, witty banter so life like you’d swear he listened in when you and your friend got together. His characters have real depth. Talking about characters. His leading man is old, handicapped, a struggling writer who just can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. His nosiness leads him into one predicament after another, as Roberts twists the story into a huge knot before magically snapping it into line for a surprise ending.

Everyone needs to read, Nevwas’s Gold. If I knew mystery/thrillers could be this much fun, I’d read one before now. Now, I’m going to read everything, Roberts writes. I give this book, Five stars.

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