Nov 23

Drab Lil, A Gypsy’s Medicine Book



When I was about eight, my grandmother drew symbols on small pieces of wood that I have reproduced. She gave me the first five and instructed me to observe life as I grew older and add my own. They could be altered but she hoped I would not commit them to paper (or wood) until I was sure. Although I’ve been enamored of the tarot most of my life, I discovered that in my mid fifties, the markers and pens found their way to the blank cards I bought and my Drom Ek Romani (the way or path of one Gypsy) was completed, all 22 of them.

The main philosophy of my medicine book is written in 22 chapters, each one with the title of the 22 cards, or disks of the Drom Ek Romani. I have tried to show how life often follows each little path as we spiral through it.


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