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We are currently undergoing a revolution in the book world. We the People are the ones who have to decide where this revolution is going to go. We the People are the drivers of the car, and the car is the publishing industry. The publishing world would have you believe that there are rules and regulations that you must follow. There are none. Let me reiterate that. There are no rules and no regulations. We the People can take control of our own writing efforts and publish them ourselves for free. There are no rules to this process. You take your manuscript and you upload your manuscript to one of the many free book services. You then create a front cover or you hire a designer to make your cover a reality. You even hire an editor or proofreader to make your book the greatest product that it can be. You can do all of this without submitting a single document to a publisher and waiting endless weeks or months for an answer. We the People have control of the book industry, and We the People do not have to conform to the rules of a few dying companies who have higher return rates than sales.

We also have the greatest opportunities to create ever-growing success in our deregulated book world. There’s a clear cause and effect within the traditional book world. It is as predictable as it is fallible. As more and more readers of traditional books turn away in disgust, the professional writer finds his liberty at stake. The independent world, led by writers of all styles, declarations and creeds, grows more powerful and potent with each new release. It is time now for the people to start looking beyond the constricted, rule-ridden world of the traditional publisher and to embrace more and more independent books. It is true that every single day sees an increase of independent books that are making it. It is also true that the traditional publishing industry is running scared and turning away hits. It is also true that this evil empire of traditional publishers wants to manipulate We the People into believing that their product is better, stronger and more entertaining.

This, like the words of any dictatorship, is a lie. The independent world has turned out great books, and I wish to showcase some of them for you. I want you the reader to go out and find yourself great independent books that will entertain you. Additionally, I wish to educate writers who are caught in the trap of believing they must sign away their lives to become published—those days are well and truly over. The evil empire of traditional publishers is cracking, and the revolution is being carried to the depths of humanity.

I find that the whole idea of an author being “self-published” is ridiculed by the traditional publishing world. The independent author is shot down at every turn and made to feel inadequate. We the People are told by the traditional publishers that great works by authors come to us only through them and anything they have not touched is somehow less valuable. I believe it is their work that is lesser. I have not yet seen a self-published author producing books by celebrity non-entities and poorly written biographies. Now we find that the traditional publishing houses are cutting themselves into the self-published business. That one action tells me that I am right in my assumption—the traditional publishing world is reeling as the ‘fad’ they denounced devours their business.

My name is Nick Wale, and I promote authors. I have created hits, and I have seen the damage the traditional publishing world can do. I have seen the way publishers have hindered success—creating free giveaways when a book has started selling, taking money from writers to publish a book they will never promote. I have seen the egotistical traditional book world in its true form, and this is a warning. Like any warning, you can take heed or you can ignore me. I just believe that We the People have the opportunity to rid ourselves of an aging, over-regulated world that will never allow you to have a bestseller on your terms.

I entered the book world to empower writers and readers. I myself tried to get a book published and lived the harsh reality of a book industry that has no love for writers. An industry so hardened by self-created rules and regulations that they would not even read a manuscript unless it was formatted, edited or posted in a certain way. A book world so riddled with insecurity and dangerous contempt for the intelligence of readers that they would always go for the dollar rather than the praise. I fought to create a business that would create careers for writers who couldn’t get through the red tape of the traditional publishers. By God, we did it, and I can proudly say that the majority of my authors sell books.

It is my firm belief that the future of our great business will depend on the brave men and women currently self-publishing books. We the People have heard the facts, and now we must act. Like any great revolution, it takes one person to stand up and a nation to enact change.

THE List” is a place where you can share your book with a new wave of people. A place where magic can happen. A twilight zone of huge proportions. Bring your book to “THE List” and join the book revolution.










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