Jun 18

Cliff Roberts: Reprisal! The Eagle Rises


American is rocked by the largest terrorist attack in history. A major city is nearly burned to the groundand a shopping mall is devastated during the busiest shopping day of the year-Black Friday. The American government stalls the investigation, refusing to acknowledge it was an act of war, letalone terror. Spurred on by patriotism American trillionaire, Steven Howard and his friend, General Charles (Chip) Clarett, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, join forces to hunt down the terrorists that the President is determined to allow to escaped unscathed.
It’s a two front war, waged on the back streets of third world countries and the prestigious halls of the White House and Congress. Through their investigations Howard and Clarett discover the depth of the sinister involvement of a shadowy group from the Middle East known as the Brotherhood of the Sword. Following the money, they are led directly to the Oval Office, where the very men directing the terror attacks against us are being allowed to dictate America’s foreign policy anddomestic agenda.

America is in a fight for its life, fraught with scandaland the no holds barred politics of personal destruction; where the prize to the winner is not only the White House but the country itself.

Roberts is a true pro!~ Chris Keys


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